Electric car cycle rackIf you’re looking for a cycle carrier to fit your electric car, you will have undoubtedly come up against a few problems… 

You can’t put a carrier on the roof, as the reduced drag co efficiency will drastically reduce the range that you can travel.

The rear hatch is fairly lightweight and this means it really isn’t the best option… If you do manage to put a rack on the hatch back, you’ll find the bike still sticks up well above the roof line.

Unfortunately EV’s are not homologated for towing and probably won’t be for many years to come.

However, here at Auxtail we’ve produced a solution that will be safe, will carry bikes in the rear area of the car and as such won’t affect the range anywhere near as much as putting it on the roof.

Our system will utilise a rear mounted American style hitch, which will allow you to quickly and easily install our rack and load your cycles. This will look and act in exactly the same way as our current carrier.

This system is now nearly complete and we have one last hurdle to overcome before we can go to market. That is the electric 13 pin connector for the EV’s which we cannot do ourselves.

We have an Auto electric manufacturer ready to partner with us, but we need to know figures before we can proceed.

So, if you’re interested in having a full cycle carrier for your EV, please do register your details with us… We’ll only contact you with details of our carrier as and when it goes ahead.


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