“The system simplifies e-bike use, too, because their frames are often too bulbous to be secured with traditional clamps. Even with standard bikes, Mount 2 is impressive due to its speed and ease of use.”



“The system for mounting a bike is one of the simplest I have used on a rear rack…”



“Good news for carbon frame owners and those of us who have a thing about scratching paintwork.”

Jamon Miles



By applying ratchet technology at all the fixing points, you can be ready to go in seconds, and packed away in a similar time.

There are no frame clamps in this system. Clamping on the frame is prohibited for carbon bikes.

 The bikes are spaced 250mm (10″) apart, so you shouldn’t get any bike to bike knocks either.

The rack folds down to 180mm high and 1060 mm wide, and can be stored in most car boots or against a wall taking up little valuable space at home.

Because wheels and tyres are standardised, this rack can accommodate most bikes with;

  • Tyre widthes up to 80mm
  • Wheelbase up to 1200mm
  • Wheel sizes from 450mm (18″) to 740mm (29″)
  • Up to 20Kg

front wheel clamp

Push down on the plastic handle to ratchet into place. Push on the clip to release.

rear wheel strap

The rear wheel is secured with a plastic ratchet strap.  No chance of loosening and just pull to tighten.

smart finish

Anodised alumium extrusions, galvanised steel, UV stable plastics, and stainless steel fixing are assembled together in the UK to ensure top quality.

led lights

LED lights are sealed for life, with an IP67 water proof rating. 13 pin plug gives reverse and fog lamp functions too.

lockable AND SAFE

We know keeping your bike secure is a priority. With a 2m cable lock both carrier and bikes are secured to your vehicle with one key.

folds flat

At only 19cm tall, and 106cm wide, this rack can fit in most car trunks or rest against the wall taking up minimal space.


We followed the strictest TUV guidelines when it came to testing our fitting and our carrier at Milbrook proving ground.


The Elk Test is used in the automotive industry to check cars do not roll when swerving at high speeds. 


At 15Kph, 25Kph, and 35Kph the pave track is ideal for quickly simulating a life of hard use. 


We ensure that under heavy braking our system will not fail, or allow enough movement to cause any contact to the vehicle.