Can I use Easyride with a towball?
No Easyride is not designed to fit a towball.

However if you like or EasyRide2 carrier then please look at our flange fitting as an option which will work alongside a functional tow-bar.  We expect to bring out further fixing methods in future.  Please comment if you would be interested in ball attachment version.

Can I use the EasyRide2 if I don't have a Qashqai?
Yes EasyRide2 is compatible with our flange fitting.

Our flange fitting is designed to work with all flange towbars which can be purchased for nearly any vehicle here

Do I need to remove my bumper to fit Auxtail?
For now yes. You will need to remove your bumper to fit Auxtail. 

Currently you will need to remove your vehicle bumper to attach Auxtail to your rear beam. We are currently putting together a tutorial to help with this process. Please follow us on Facebook and keep checking our website to keep up to date.

Is there a three bike version?
EasyRide2 has been designed with expansion capability.

We are currenlty working closely with our manufacturers to deliver the first 100 units of EasyRide2 by the end of September. If you follow us on Facebook we will keep you up to date with news on the development of the extension piece to take the 3rd Bike.  4 bikes later….

How long does it take to fit Auxtail?
Auxtail for Qashqai should take no longer then 1 hour to fit including the electrics.

With very minimal tools this can easily be done at home, please see the video for removing the bumper.

Flange towbar fitting requires a higher degree of expertise.  Fitters should be qualified.  It is not recommended to do it yourself, unless you are patient and have all the tools.

What guarantee is offered?

The aluminium is anodised. The steel is galvanised and powder coated.

The plastic materials are UV stable, and will not degrade in the sun.

It is the built to same specifications as your car.

We promise to replace any parts or provide a full refund within 2 years of purchase.


We are always happy to hear from our customers. Please get in touch here.