integrating bikes with cars


“Cars are best in rural areas where the traffic is light ; Bikes are faster and easier in city centres where congestion is common and cycling is safe.

With full Integration of bikes with cars,

you can choose which mode you want , when and where it suits you.”


Craig Broadbent

Founder and CEO



An Obsession with solving problems

Craig has worked in the automotive field for more than 20 years, designing ever more efficient cars.

However private cars in city centres are a problem.  Their large size and low occupancy cause congestion and pollution.

A bike takes up a lot less space and when electric offers good speed, and comfort.

For the last 5 years Craig has been grappling with this problem, and now presents a solution.

EP18161295.3 European Patent grant

Intellectual rights are granted offering;

  • Maximum versatility carrying electric, mountain and road bikes
  • Easy access for fast loading and unloading
  • Compact size for integration onto the vehicle

By integrating the carrier we will remove the biggest barriers of security, safety and time making the transitions seamless.

Partner with us

With micromobility identified as a $300-500bn business by 2030, personally owned light electric bicycles will be a major part of this ecosystem.

We have the technology to enable these vehicles to be utilised to their full potential and taken with you wherever you go.

Partner with us to integrate bikes with cars seamlessly.

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