We at Auxtail pride ourselves on  engineering solutions for all your rear accessories needs.

Light Weight

We studied many concepts from around the world for inspiration, and chose the best layout. We then refined this with computer aided design, using aerospace grade alumimium for the main components.  Thus, we have managed to keep the weight to 13Kg.  

That’s a lot less than most of the competition, and a similar weight to your average bike.


By deploying Finite Element Analysis, and using modern materials we can achieve good strength and durability.  The carrier can take 25Kg bikes, which accommodates the largest Down hill and electric bikes about.

Carbon Friendly

There is no frame clamping with this system, so no chance of scratching the paint, or squashing the carbon. Most Carbon bike manufacturer’s advise against clamping on the frame.

The front tyre is gripped at 3 points around the rim. The upper point is held in place by a ratchet; so just push down.

Cycle carrier


By considering the usage from day one, we have designed the rack to fit into your life.  The carrier folds up to be only 190mm tall and 1060mm wide.  It can fit into your trunk, or rest against a wall taking up little space. The fitting under the car is discrete but visible to aid loading.  Engineered for simplicity

Patent Pending

Cycle carriers that do not contact the frame already exist in the USA, but have not found favour in Europe, as they are not compatible with front mudguards.  Our patented system solves this problem and allows for more bike sizes and types.

Premium Quality

With all the metalwork and plastics manufactured in the UK, we have full control over the quality of the product. We work closely with our suppliers to offer the best value and good durable finishes.

We take pride in our products and validate the performance by testing  at each step.  Safety is built in.