Why you shouldn’t clamp your Carbon Fibre frame.

Here at Auxtail, we know a thing or two about engineering. There were a number of reasons we wanted to produce the Auxtail… It’s lighter than most traditional cycle racks. It is far easier to fit than the majority of cycle racks…

But high among the list of reasons is because clamping to the frame of a bike can be destructive. It’s bad for a standard frame; some cycle racks can leave marks and scratches on your frame but with a Carbon Fibre frame, it can be devastating.

Now, you don’t just have to take our word for it. While browsing the web, we came across some advice on caring for your Carbon Fibre frame from Carl Hart Cycles. The full article can be found here: https://carlhart.com/how-to/how-to-care-for-carbon-bikes-and-parts-pg220.htm

This is a great article with lots of tips and it’s a really interesting read, if you’re a Carbon Fibre owner, but it’s this bit in particular that’s of interest:

“Car racks that clamp to the frame tubes should not be used because of the enormous loads concentrated in a small area.”

Many manufacturers also give exactly the same advice if you buy a Carbon Fibre frame from them… BMC, Cannondale, Cube and Canyon all have information on their websites or in their manuals regarding cycle carriers and they all say DON’T use a cycle carrier that clamps to the frame. For further information and links, click here: https://auxtail.com/about/carbon-clamping/

In essence while Carbon Fibre is extremely strong, with incorrect pressure exerted to the frame it can still be susceptible to cracking and damage.

Virtually all cycle carriers sold across Europe will clamp to the frame.

Obviously, we addressed this problem, by clamping to the wheels instead, with NO FRAME CONTACT at all. Using the Auxtail system, your Carbon Fibre Frame will be safe and sound, giving you many years of enjoyment.

You can buy your Auxtail in our online shop https://auxtail.com/shop/


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