What is the most common way a bike frame gets damaged?

To be 100% open and transparent about this, we don’t have any solid data about this… The results we’ve managed to get are all slightly anecdotal, based on the discussions we’ve had with a number of bike repair companies.

What we can say is that these did seem to be the most common and regular recurring reasons we heard from a variety of different sources.

If you know any better, please do leave a comment or drop us an email to let us know.

In reverse order, here are THE most common ways that (we’ve been told) a bike frame can be damaged.

5) Over clamping in a cycle carrier

We’ve discussed this one before… In fact it’s what we’re all about! Clamping your bike in a cycle carrier can cause a frame to crack or can lead to internal damage if a cycle carrier that clamps to the frame is used regularly. We can only say, you need an Auxtail!

4.) Dropping the bike / not standing it up properly

Bit of a surprise to us, this one, but it does make sense when you think about it. We’ve had a number of scrapes when a bike we’ve leant against a wall has started rolling… Or in one case on a sportive when somebody bumped into it! What’s the solution? Well it goes without saying you need to try and ensure your bike is as secure as possible before you walk away from it.

3.) Forgetting your bikes are on a roof carrier

Ouch! This has got to be THE most expensive way to go. Not only will you damage your expensive frame, you’ll probably damage your carrier and quite possibly your car too. Once again, we can attest that this is really easy to do. Thankfully we’ve never actually done it, but it’s been a close call on a number of occasions. Solution? Well, clearly you need an Auxtail! However, if that’s just not for you, try telling everyone in the car to keep an eye out for low bridges, low hanging branches, height restriction barriers at drive thru’s and probably the worst, which is the height barriers at car parks.

2.) Over tightening in a cycle repair stand

No real surprise here. When you’re working on your pride and joy, it is really frustrating if you’re turning the pedal or trying to change the gear, while the bike is on the stand and it just keeps wobbling, or moving. You tighten the stand up a little more. It keeps doing it. A bit more and ‘click’ the damage is done. Please check your manufacturers guide book. They will tell you exactly where to clamp your frame  for maintenance.

1.) Accidents while cycling

And finally the big one… I’m sure we all have a silly story about how we lost attention for a moment (like fiddling with your gears and accidentally running into a farmers gate. Don’t ask) hit a pothole, gone over a wet manhole cover, swerved to avoid some wildlife etc, etc, etc. Riding can be a dangerous past time. Needless to say, you need to be well kitted up with helmet etc. It’s no great surprise that this is the biggest cause for cycle frame damage. Kit up and stay safe 🙂

So, while there’s absolutely nothing we can do for you to help you dropping your bike, over clamping in your repair stand or having an ‘offski’, we can help you transport your precious steed in the safest way possible. At the back of your vehicle (also better for fuel economy) and clamping to the wheels instead of the frame. Why not invest in an Auxtail today… Then you’ll have two less things to worry about.

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