Lime Bikes are coming to Milton Keynes

lime electric bikes coming to Milton Keynes

Lime Bikes are coming to Milton Keynes

We were eminently excited to hear that Lime Bikes had chosen our home town of Milton Keynes as their launch city in the UK, as reported by the Daily Telegraph.

While we’d heard local rumours that the bikes were available, sadly when we ventured out today to try and find some…

We could only find one bike on the Lime Bike app, which appeared to be at somebodies house!

It may seem odd that Auxtail, a car bike carrier company are getting so excited about electric bikes, after all if you can just pick up a bike anywhere, why would you need a car carrier?

We can’t help but feel that a proliferation of cycling in all it’s forms is going to be great for us a company.

But, more importantly though, we have been huge advocates of cycling for many years. It is the cheapest, healthiest and least polluting way to get around. 

Anything that gets people out of their cars and onto their bikes is great as far as we’re concerned!

As soon as there is any further news, we will let you know and perhaps we’ll get a little test ride to let you know exactly what we think about the new Lime Bikes.

You can find their website here:



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