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Personal Mobility Future

  This year has seen some major shifts in the world of personal mobility. Car companies are seeing their world changing fast. Financial and job losses are now weekly announcements and new partnerships are being forged to reduce costs. The winds of congestion and pollution are making the dream of car ownership into a nightmare as cities […]

History of bikes – a material world

In the world of bikes, materials have played a key role in transforming the industry. In 1818 the ‘swiftwalker’ were made predominantly of wood. At 25Kg they were not light and there were no pedals. Maximum speeds were 5-6 mph unless downhill, where the lack of brakes became an issue. Wood specific strength/kg = 12-120KN.m/Kg. […]


“The choice for mankind lies between freedom and happiness and for the great bulk of mankind, happiness is better.” G.Orwell As Macron told the US congress, “there is no planet B”. The Paris agreement commits to keeping global warming to well below 2 degrees by controlling Greenhouse Gases (GHG). Developed countries should continue to take […]