First Rear Mount Solution for Electric Cars

It shocked me that the electric car market is growing so rapidly and yet key areas of it are being overlooked. How can there only be roof mounted solutions for carrying bike on electric vehicles? This is the worst place for aerodynamics meaning your range will be dramatically reduced!

Currently there are no rear mount solutions for electric vehicles. This is because tow-bar mounting points are decided by the manufacturer and therefor if they don’t deem it suitable to have a tow-bar on a vehicle then one is never developed. The additional weight a tow-bar adds and electric motors poor ability to cope with towing loads means rear fixing points have been overlooked on electric cars.

We at Auxtail are setting ourselves a target with our fitting. We want to be able to offer the first light weight rear fixing point for electric cars. The Auxtail fixing has proven itself on the Qashqai so now we aim to develop for Leaf in the coming months. We want to offer those eco-warriors the ability to take their bikes from A to B to complete The Last Mile.

This is a very interesting graph from Park&Pedal which we wanted to share. The graph shows how big the time saving can be using a bike in conjunction with a car. Furthermore from an environmental point of view, incorporating this last mile cycle with an electric vehicle could not only reduce congestion but also improve our overall carbon footprint. With Auxtail reducing transfer speeds dramatically park and cycle could be even easier then ever.

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