Electric Bike –

The benefits of electrifying our cars are well known as the media arms of the big car manufacturer’s start to educate us on how they are solving the problems of pollution.

Well electric cars make up about 1% of all car sales at the moment.  Electric bikes make up about 20% of all bike sales, and are still rising fast.

There are some pretty good reasons why electric bikes are catching on fast.  

  • Fast is one of their attributes; average cyclist achieve about 10mph, where a pedelec will provide up to 250W of power up to 15.5MPH. You can go faster but either gravity or your power are required.
  • Further is the other advantage.  5Km is the limit of an average person, where with electric assist the battery size is your limiting factor.
  • No need to sweat anymore as the 250W is enough to climb the steepest hills in any UK city. 
  • Remembering your lights is no longer an issue as they are nicely integrated into the frame and difficult for a thief to remove.
  • Other electrical attachments can usually be plugged in, so you can enjoy satellite navigation, or any number of very useful apps if you so wish.

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