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Public Relations Manager

Responsible for communications with media and distributors.  Responsible to store and analyse responses to establish/improve Public relations/brand. Key Accountabilities Responsible for Public relations Responsible for clear communication of product offerings Responsible for social media (Facebook/Instagram) Responsible for content on website/ publicity materials/ press releases Market Analysis. Value of products and pricing strategy for different customers […]

Could Cars become Bikes?

The car industry was borne primarily from the cycle industry.  William Morris, Armand Peugeot and the Grabowski brothers (GM), were bike builders before they were car makers. Car manufacturing and cycle making have since separated.  The car has met our needs, and created a few too. Cars are now safe, comfortable, quiet, and after a […]

Mobility – Care to Share

Ride Sharing is cheap, and utilisation rates are higher than standard taxis, from 4-40%.1  However, if the journey wouldn’t have been taken, or been by a different mode, then perhaps it would have been less polluting and congesting.  Only if it increases the occupancy in an already planned trip does it constitute an improved outcome […]

Acts & Regulations

There are no international standards (ISO or ECE) for rear cycle carriers. However, there are UK regulations to keep lights visible and ensure a safe load. ECE 48 defines requirements for lights and their visibility.  Reverse, fog, stop, indicator, brake and number plate lamps  are mandatory on all vehicles. The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989, […]

Oxford leading the race

Oxford’s radical plan to ban Internal Combustion engine vehicles from an ever-expanding area has gained positive feedback from its residents and now London is planning to ’rebalance’ its transport system. In Oxford, the Zero Emissions Zones received support, with 71 per cent “strongly supporting” or “supporting” the 2020 proposals, 69 per cent the 2025 proposals, […]